Language skills offer a major advantage in the world of business


It’s often said that language learning is best begun at an early age; if you have any doubts on that score, ask any adult learner how quickly they are able to pick up language skills. The likelihood is that they will shake their head and express a wish that they’d started learning languages earlier.

There is no doubt that language skills offer a major advantage in the world of business, and although you may not think that there’s any need to worry about your child’s career when they’re only preschool age, it’s not too early to begin developing language skills that can help them throughout their life. So if you want your children to have the best start in languages, enrol them at the Bilingual International School of Paris. This English-French nursery school in Paris does more than just teach languages; it gives your child equal exposure to both French and English.

The best way of learning a language is by immersion

The best way of learning a language is by immersion, so the approach that the school takes of teaching and speaking in French for half the day, and in English the other half, ensures that your children will soon be confidently speaking both languages equally well. It’s very likely that their proficiency in French will soon surpass your own. Although it may prove a little embarrassing if your child speaks better French than you, it will be rewarding to know that you have equipped them with an advantage that you couldn’t enjoy. You will be ensuring that they become comfortable with speaking two different languages from a very early age – a skill that they will never lose and can continue to benefit from throughout their life.

Giving the two languages equal value ensures that your child will quickly become at home in both. This will allow them to truly appreciate both cultures and expand the possibilities for work and cultural opportunities later in life. This bilingual approach offers greater scope than tutoring in a second language or waiting until they take language classes as part of the curriculum. What’s more, this bilingual ability will help them to learn other languages later on, especially other Romance languages like Italian or Spanish (a language spoken by around 400 million people worldwide), and will give them an advantage over monolingual people who do not share their language skills. It’s a truly worthwhile investment in your child’s future.